West Ham & Beckton:
Democracy, Reshaped, in East London

A new area, West Ham and Beckton, is being drawn on England’s electoral map. This ‘work-in-progress’ digital project is being created for residents of this new community, independently, by local people (and life-long West Ham resident, Ade Adeyemi), to capture people's’ thoughts and opinions about the change ahead. The people of West Ham and Beckton need to be heard, and we’re listening.

The map below is a digital, living map of the thoughts and opinions of local residents for this new area. Drawn from contributions of Newham Council’s People Powered Places – Newham Council and other digital social commentary. Get in touch to contribute!

The electoral map of England is being redrawn to reflect population changes and so a new parliamentary constituency, combining West Ham, Canning Town, Plaistow, Custom House, Royal Docks and Beckton has been proposed by the Boundary Commission for England (BCE).

Situated in the heart of East London, this newly formed electoral area encapsulates a rich tapestry of diverse communities, bustling neighborhoods, and a wealth of historical significance. From its roots as a thriving industrial hub to its modern-day transformation into a dynamic cultural and economic center, West Ham and Beckton is emerging as a beacon of opportunity, embracing change while cherishing its heritage.

Join us as we explore what can make this constituency a truly remarkable place to live, work, and thrive.

West Ham and Beckton is a proposed new parliamentary constituency in London, UK. The proposed constituency is part of a wider plan by the BCE to reshape constituencies across the whole country. This website is built and maintained by local residents. To volunteer and get involved, please get in touch! 🙂